Terlingua Walking Tour Map

1.  Terlingua Trading Company which was known as Chisos Mining Company Store and was accessible to all.  It sold everything from food to farm equipment and Prom dresses to cars.  It housed the mine offices, Post Office and the only telephone.  It is still one of the largest adobe buildings in Texas.
2. Casa de la Cultura before burning down was "Hotel Chisos." It had two stories, eight guestrooms, and a walk-in cooler.
3.  This shaft is one of the hundreds that were hand dug.  There are over eight miles of tunnels, some are over eight hundred feet deep.  In the 1980's the Railroad Commission began putting grates on the shafts for safety.  Proceed up the hill.
4.  Looking to the West, at the top of the hill is the Perry Mansion. Named after Mr. Perry the mine owner, it overlooked his domain. The upper floors had narrow windows so that it could be protected from Pancho Villa.  Head to the Church.
5. This building, now known as the Holiday Hotel, was built in 1939 to handle the overflow from the Hotel.  Many Teachers, Geologists and visitors became extended residents.  It has been recently renovated for overnight guests.
6. The Perry School, largest of 3 schools in the region, started as a "tent house" with one teacher.  It became a 5 room building with 4 teachers, a principal, and 80 children.
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